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  • More Power, 20% better performance 
  • Better Fuel Efficiency up by 5% - 15%
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Less Flat Spots
  • Up to 30% more Torque
  • Cleaner Intake System and Engine
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs 
  • Prolonged Engine and Turbo Life

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Its your business....

Bring to the table better, more efficient equipment. Achieve more by giving yourself additional time in your day, work more land within your allotted time, add this up over a week, month, year.. see where we are going with this, now think about the additional revenue / savings, on average 20% better productivity, you do the maths...

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Our Equipment

Dimsport (New) Genius Touch & Map

Tractor Tuning UK offer Specialist Agricultural Services. We use state of the art equipment ensuring we only deliver the very best tuning results. 

The Dimsport New Genius is a stand alone device for the serial communication with the Engine Control Unit (ECU), through the vehicle OBDII socket or via specific diagnostic connectors. It does not require connections to a personal computers or laptop for the management of the serial communication: it has never been so simple and immediate to achieve programming operations of the vehicle stock ECU.  

Intuitive operations to maximize the ease of use: New Genius is a true asset for every tuner, we love the functionality and performance, Detailed instructions appear on the screen and drive the tuner until the vehicle is programmed.

Highest safety standards for the most extensive reliability during working process: before programming the vehicle, New Genius verifies the size of the file and the checksum integrity/congruence. In addition, should the programming procedure be interrupted (example: connector unplugged), the device would recover the communication and automatically complete it. Several additional features integrate the conventional operations, like the possibility to reset faulty codes tied to the ECU programming, the reading and automatic writing of the injector settings, counters reset, etc. 

In order to meet and fulfil the assorted inquiries presented to us , New Genius has been conceived as a flexible device, configured to support from a single, specific application to the most complete range of vehicles provided with engine control units.

The Dimsport console comes with a standard OBDII socket; however we have a vast range of dedicated connectors that permit tuning operations via all diagnostic sockets.

We are always up to date! New developments are constantly released to extend the range of vehicles supported: an improvement achieved thanks to the commitment of several groups of technicians and partnerships. 

Subscriptions and upgrades to enhance its technical features are performed through quick online updates.

Not just a black box connecting the vehicle OBDII socket to a computer, but an independent device for serial reading and programming, practical and versatile. Why settling for a black box when Tractor Tuning UK have the New Genius?

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Tractor Tuning UK together with Dimsport have considered the needs and requests of the agricultural and construction fields:

 ‘performance’ in this context has to be interpreted as the possibility to operate in a more efficient way, increasing the work and reducing the fuel consumption.

The tangible power and torque improvements of the propeller allow to work in a more effective way even in such difficult conditions, while using superior gear ratio at lower rpm and therefore saving fuel.

Road haulage & freight distribution companies turn to us looking to reducing their fleet's fuel consumption. We achieve this through enhancements of the engine torque. 

Our tools allow us to optimize the torque delivery across the whole rpm working range: the result is improved engine efficiency and consequent the possibility to use a superior gear ratio at lower rpm.