AdBlue (Diesel exhaust fluid) Delete



You must ensure you always have an adequate supply of AdBlue in the tank because if your vehicle’s SCR system is operated without AdBlue the risk of damaging the SCR system is huge, your vehicle may stop running or simply go into limp mode.

It is essential to maintain high standards of AdBlue (diesel exhaust fluid) quality according to the ISO 22241 standard. Companies and individuals are trying to reduce the Adblue cost by purchasing cheaper AdBlue from third parties or in some case resorting to adding water diluting the solution. Your warranty is invalid if you fail to use genuine AdBlue the cost to replace a system can come to well over £5000, something to be taken lightly.



If your SRC system has failed so badly that is cannot be economically fixed then Tractor Tuning UK can reprogram your ECU and Delete the SCR system. This service is guaranteed the SCR system will never cause you a problem again. As with all our services our mobile unit will come to you, and we are more than happy to travel UK wide.



No more downtime 

No more tractor breakdown

No more long waits while your mechanic tries his best

No more costs when the SCR system becomes contaminated or Faulty 

No EML lights on dash 

No More Adblue 

PLEASE NOTE: Reprogramming the ECU does not leave any record, you will not see any fault codes, no lights on the dash, you can take it in for service and no one will be able to detect that it’s been disabled. Whilst carrying out the Adblue Delete we can also carry out a Performance Remap, EGR Delete and/or a DPF Delete. 

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Prices From

Tier 3 | Package

Adblue + EGR Delete + Remap £800.00

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